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Recent Client-Sponsored Reports

By The Principals of HTG

  • MEMS Technology Overview:  Selected Medical Applications 
  • Patient Monitoring Technology: Trends and Implications for the Future
  • Laser Medical Device Technology Survey
  • Ventilator/Oxygen Delivery System for NASA Space Station
  • A Preliminary Survey of the Technology, Application, and Market Potential of a Laser Microscope
  • Prototype Utilization in the Development of Space Biology Hardware
  • Suitability Test Report: Dry EEG Electrodes
  • Technology Survey: Less-Invasive Surgery
  • Technology Overview: Continuous, Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Measurements
  • Assessment of Design Requirements for an Infrared Capnometer
  • Trend Assessment: Surgical Laser Accessory Market
  • Assessment of Brain Oxygenation Monitoring Technology
  • Advanced Sensors Technology Survey for Space Station Freedom
  • A Clinical Acceptance Survey of Specific Urological Devices and Pharmaceuticals
  • Surgical Visualization Technology: 3-D Imaging for Laparoscopy
  • Technology and Hospitals: A New Perspective
  • Fitness Monitoring: A Survey of New Technologies for Personal Health Diagnosis