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Medical Technologies of the Future

By Arthur E. Schulze, P.E.

Health care in the United States is under tremendous pressure to restructure.  Issues of cost and access dominate the political agenda.  Expensive medical technology has been alternatively championed for providing the best health care in the world and implicated as a culprit in a system where costs are out of control. 

There is no doubt that the health care system is being restructured to an unprecented degree and there are substantial incentives to develop technologies that balance the cost-benefit relationship.  There are huge unmet needs in terms of curing disease and increasing the quality of life, particularly with an aging population.  Knowledge is accumulating from medical research that will address many of these needs.  Technology, the embodiment of knowledge in tools for getting things done, must be developed if these advances are to be applied to life-saving and life-enhancing uses.  Today, however, that technology must be developed with cost effectiveness as a major guidepost.  The challenges, and the incentives for business, are to develop the new technologies that enable cost-effective delivery of scientific advances and that enable broader, more economical access to today's health care system. 

A critical philosophical underpinning of the Healthcare Technology Group is the belief that the dramatic restructuring of the U.S. health care system has significantly changed the incentives for medical device development.  Cost pressures and the demand on providers to demonstrate medical and cost effectiveness of their services will drive the development of new technologies in the future. 


Within all this disruption lie opportunities for constructive change.  Importantly, many of the new technologies that are needed in health care will be derived from science and engineering expertise within non-traditional sources which are also under significant pressure to restructure. Traditional relationships among design, marketing, engineering, and manufacturing entities will be altered.  Meeting these new challenges will require adaptation as well as exceptional insight into unmet needs in health care.  



Arthur E. Schulze is the founder and president of Healthcare Technology Group.  He has over 35 years of experience developing medical technologies, and holds advanced degrees in electrical engineering and health sciences from the University of Texas.