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Healthcare Technology Group

Technology development and business plannning services for the biomedical instrumentation market


About Us

Healthcare Technology Group (HTG) was formed in Houston, Texas, in 1992 as a subsidiary of Southwest Medical Ventures.  HTG has grown rapidly into a separate entity comprised of engineers, scientists, physicians, business, and marketing professionals specializing in the analysis of information regarding new technology and its adoption by the health care industry.  The services provided by the company include strategic planning with an emphasis on technology forecasting, evaluation, and development.  HTG also conducts market surveys and organizes seminars, workshops, and focus groups on a proprietary basis for clients.  Over 25 engineers, scientists, physicians, business, and marketing professionals have signed contracts with HTG to supply professional services, as required, to those clients who can use their specialized backgrounds and talents.  The Company owns and occcupies an office building located in the central business district of Wharton, Texas, about 60 miles southwest of Houston.

Areas of specialization

  • Analyzing the patterns of adoption of technology in health care
  • Identifying new opportunities resulting from advances in medicine, the biomedical sciences, and engineering
  • Providing product development services to the medical device industry 
  • Forecasting the role of emerging technologies in meeting health care needs  
  • Developing market strategies, strategic alliances, and product plans to support business planning both for technology-based companies that are established in the health care industry and for those that are new to the industry